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About Us

About Us

How it started 🚀...

They say timing is everything. When the pandemic shut everything down, Q and I had a lot more free time. Q got fired lol and I was "WFH"

In beginning of 2020 I started making my own edibles and business was boomin. Q had @poursbyq which was boomin as well. Then, once the shutdown came everything took off. Lmao I feel like everyone and they mama wanted to get drunk and high... and can you blame them Cuz let's think about it, winter time you are not leaving your house, then when spring was knocking on the door, they forced us to stay home. Whole time I'm thinking to myself what's gonna happen when outside opens back up? Nobody wants a creamy cereal bar/cupcake or thick warm henny in middle of the summer. (red velvet cupcakes fucked the game up in the winter)

So I experimented with a few things I thought would pop in the summer; popsicles, smoothies, etc. but nothing really wowed me. Then Q posted his famous "South Beach" drink, I was like "damn that's sexy, I need infuse that".

I say timing is everything because 2020 was my "BLACKEST" yr to date. Idk how else to put it, take it how you want. When George Floyd was murdered it sparked a lot of anger, but once that settled, it really left me and our folks asking "so what we gonna do about it, how can we do our part to stop the cycle".

In these conversations my bro brought up in one of our threads that we been friends for 20+yrs, all successful individually in our own right, why haven't we done anything financially together?????

I can't make this up, I STG.... Q and I INSTANTLY reached out each other to the point his phone and my phone went straight to voicemail cuz we was both tryna call each other. He text me, "I gotta talk to you about sumn" I said "no no no, I gotta talk to YOU about something" lol. He pulled up to my crib and there was no greetings.... I said "lemonade, infused, be like the GATORADE of cannabis drinks!" He said "we can have adult lemonade stands all across the country. But, drop the "er" its cooler".... he then weirdly winked at me and made me really uncomfortable... THE REST IS HISTORY

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